About Dayes Adult Care Center

Marlene Graham, RN


Dayes Adult Care Center is a micro-community Personal Care Home located just a few minutes  from interstate  75 and  575 in Marietta,Georgia.

We are  in close  proximity  to many hospitals, pharmacies, physician offices, clinics, parks, and  shopping  centers.

The facility  is owned  and  operated  by  a  Registered  Nurse  with  over  20  years  of experience in various  aspect  of  nursing  including  Geriatrics, Med-Surg, Radiation  Oncology, Peritoneal  and  Hemodialysis.

She has supervised a Dementia  and Medicare unit  in a Skilled  Nursing  facility  where  her  responsibility  included  working  with  other  disciplines  to  provide  and  maintain  high  standard  in resident's care.

Our staff focuses on maintaining  a high level  of professionalism and is trained to meet  the  needs  of  the  elderly. They have met state educational  requirements  including  CPR/First Aid and Proxy Care training, all criminal  background checks required for working in this field.

We provide 24 hour quality, supervised, and personalized care in a warm, caring environment to residents who are unable to live independently. Our staff ratio allows for our residents needs to be anticipated and met in a timely manner. Residents are assessed prior to admission to ensure that the facility can meet their needs.

Residents have a choice of selecting private or semi-private rooms. To ensure a homelike setting, families are encouraged to personalize their loved one's room with their own furniture and mementos. Resident assessment for any change in mental and/or physical status is done continuously to ensure prompt reporting to their physician for continuity of care.